Our work

Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy — Navigating the public policy process can be daunting, even for those who have done it for decades. It’s time to write a new playbook to achieve important policy goals. Sometimes legislation appears to be the only answer. But often, meaningful progress can be made elsewhere: in the Executive branch, the White House, independent agencies, the states, multilateral global bodies, or multistakeholder initiatives. We start fresh and help you chart an uncommon path forward. We are undaunted by the complexity of the challenge. We provide unmatched substantive and strategic advice. We help you refine your policy goals, sharpen your message and map out a creative strategy. Then we work together toward success.

Coalition Development/Strategic Alliances/ Multistakeholder Initiatives — It’s increasingly hard to find the common ground in our “win at all costs” world. It’s easier to tweet out our disagreements than to sit down and create fair and equitable solutions for all parties. We have built some of the most diverse and successful coalitions and multistakeholder initiatives by helping companies, foundations and key civil society stakeholders connect and find unique win- win partnerships and sustainable outcomes. We don’t do Astroturf. We help bring people together, guide them toward their common interest and help them move forward stronger together.

Foundation Advising — In a highly complex and dynamic world, foundations investing in social change must think differently about how to make progress toward big social goals. There is rarely a straight line to success. Initial strategies must build in flexibility and embrace a constantly changing reality on the ground. Grantees need the room to learn, to be more innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial. And yes, occasionally to fail. At HSG, this has always been our theory of change. We can help to develop a dynamic giving strategy for big goals, work with grantees to increase collaboration, build capacity, develop new alliances and steer them through change and complexity. And we can assess progress along the way.

Strategic Planning/Branding — Innovative and sustainable organizations don’t just happen. They have a clear vision and mission, clearly articulated goals and a plan to sustain capacity. At the same time, they are flexible, able to change course when the situation demands. We have led organizations through periods of extraordinary growth and transformation, created new ventures and strengthened brands. Whether you are a startup looking for a firm foundation, an established organization ready to reimagine your future or take on a new challenge, we can help you develop a strong brand and a compelling roadmap to greater visibility, impact and sustainability.

Business and Human Rights Advising — As the ICT sector continues to globalize, human rights challenges to privacy and free expression will grow even more complex. Increasing government demands for customer data and content takedown, conflicting legal requirements and entry into markets with weak rule of law may pose a risk to users rights, your reputation and your operations. We understand the human rights challenges facing Internet and technology companies as well as the legitimate concerns of key stakeholders. We can help you make wise decisions on human rights that are fully integrated into your core business. We will work with you to conduct human rights due diligence and risk assessment, develop policies and procedures to manage risk, strengthen stakeholder engagement and advise you on how to navigate and successfully address human rights conflicts.

Global Internet Freedom — Today about 40% of the world’s population has access to the Internet and with the growth of mobile, that number is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. Countries just coming online need to adopt new policies and regulations to make sure the Internet supports economic development, empower citizens and supports human rights. Civil society and business need to be equipped to advocate for Internet freedom and work against threats. Global Institutions need to provide standards and guidance to ensure an Internet without borders. We offer counsel and technical expertise on Internet policy and advocacy strategies to strengthen the voices for Internet freedom around the world.

Leadership Development/Support — Today, a successful leader must be able to build a sense of shared mission, encourage collaboration, share leadership, invest in people, and know when to take risks. If you want to improve your effectiveness as a leader, strengthen the effectiveness of your management team, grow leadership in the ranks or work through an organizational issue, it helps to talk it through with someone who has been there. We know a lot about leadership. We have led great organizations, built extraordinary teams and nurtured generations of talented leaders. We provide confidential strategic advice, insight, perspective and support. In short, wise counsel.