Strategic Partners 

We are a small firm and we aim to stay that way. So what do we do when we need more capacity, know-how or services? We stay in the lead, but we bring in our growing network of highly regarded partners- trusted firms and individuals who have an extraordinary track record of success. Our current partners are listed below.

Glen Echo Group, led by founder/CEO Maura Colleton provides strategic, cutting-edge communications and issue advocacy that integrates public affairs, media relations, coalition building, event planning, and social media.

M+R, led by CEO Bill Wasserman, helps nonprofits achieve real lasting change through winning grassroots mobilization and media campaigns.

The BHR Group, LLC, led by President Michael Samway is a strategic advisory practice in the technology sector that helps companies assess policy and legal risks, integrate global business operations with responsible decision-making, and create durable relationships with key stakeholders. The BHR Group LLC.

Anthony Garrett  & Associates, led by founder and Principal Anthony Garrett, provides innovative strategies for public affairs and advocacy. AGA produces winning results—the strategies, messages, technologies, resources and collaborations.

Designfarm is a marketing communications firm, led by Principal Jodi Bloom, which specializing in results-oriented strategies for print and the Web. designfarm leverages the power of great design to inform, inspire, innovate, and motivate.