At HSG we always begin with wise counsel.

We listen closely. We help you clarify your goals and craft your message. We work with you to map a smart, strategic path forward. And then we make it happen together.

We collaborate. HSG doesn’t just offer strategic services, we build lasting partnerships. We become part of your team and work to ensure your success – not just for the task at hand, but for those that follow. We make sure you are better, smarter and ready for the next challenge.

We are unique. HSG comprises the best of all worlds – we are a start-up with decades of knowledge and experience in tech policy, civil liberties and more. We have done it all. We’ve led powerful organizations, launched countless issue campaigns, guided winning coalitions, negotiated landmark legislation and nurtured generations of talented leadership. We’ve spent years on the front lines of cutting-edge initiatives that address new challenges for our globally connected world.

We are committed. At HSG, we walk the walk. We have worked tirelessly for decades to create a more just and open world empowered by an Internet that supports freedom, innovation and equal opportunity. Are we mission driven? Absolutely.

So what do we do? We provide a wide range of strategic services to global civil society, ICT companies, academic institutions and foundations including:

Need something else? Talk to us. We are open.

HSG’s principal, Leslie Harris serves as team leader on every engagement. Depending on the challenge, she taps into her growing network of highly respected partners to ensure success.